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01 Introduction to GCMentoring

Gospel-Centered Mentoring Shorts - Episode 1

In these 18 brief videos we introduce you to the basics of Gospel-Centered Mentoring by explaining: 1) what Gospel-Centered mentoring is (7 videos) 2) how to prepare yourself and your mentee for the mentoring relationship (2 videos) and 3) how to facilitate a mentor session (9 videos). 

Learn more about an introduction to mentoring here.

For more Gospel-Centered mentoring content, training, and tips, go to

To enroll in my course, “Become a Gospel-Centered Mentor” on Udemy, go to

If you enroll before June 14, 2026 enter coupon code “GCM2024” for a discount!

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Gospel-Centered Mentoring
Gospel-Centered Mentoring
Equipping mentors to help mentees develop into wholehearted Children of God who rest in Christ fully and reflect him faithfully in every realm of their lives
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