Gospel-Centered Mentoring
Gospel-Centered Mentoring
GCM 01-03 Pastor Daron Lindemann

GCM 01-03 Pastor Daron Lindemann

Gospel-Centered Mentoring in Actions

Have you ever wondered what the term Gospel-centered mentoring actually means?  Today we are talking with Pastor Daron Lindemann, one of the founders of CrossTrain Ministries, a coaching network for pastors.  Daron does a fantastic job explaining how Gospel-Centered Mentoring is distinct from other approaches to coaching.  Daron has been a coach for the Asia One Team for about a decade and brings a wealth of experience and excitement to our podcast. 


For more Gospel-Centered mentoring content, training, and tips, go to gospelcenteredmentoring.site.

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Gospel-Centered Mentoring
Gospel-Centered Mentoring
Equipping mentors to help mentees develop into wholehearted Children of God who rest in Christ fully and reflect him faithfully in every realm of their lives
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